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This page hosts videos and links to videos that have inspired individuals Islamic deen so much that they wanted to share it with   you.

You too can share your own inspirational Islamic images, links, text and videos. Simply email us the content or links to admin@inclusivemosqueinitiative.org and we’ll check the content and try to upload it to these pages as soon as possible. If the content is not your own, please indicate the source of the copyright otherwise we will not be able to include it.

IMI jummah on 6 March 2015, contribution towards International Women’s Day

Muslim Woman Leads Men & Women In Jumah Prayers In A ChurchHappy International Women’s Day!In this video, Amina Wadud, a Muslim woman leads a congregation of women and men for Jumah Prayers at St Johns Church in London, organised by the Inclusive Mosque Initiative.Amina says, “It used to be the one who knows the most Quran, and the one who knows the most of seerah, or sunnah, or hadith or fiqh or something. It used to be that that was a criteria, and I believe that that criteria was a reasonable one, and I also lean towards it. And so I busy myself in preparation, with regard to our intellectual tradition. Only to find that that criteria was put to the side if the one who embodied it was a woman. And so it meant that the criteria itself was a lie.”Members of the congreation are also in the video and some highlights include:- “It’s been a great experience to pray behind a female imam, something that I probably can’t do in my own country in Egypt.”- “What’s interesting about this is that it felt very normal. For some people this would be a big deal that a woman led the prayer.”- “It filled my heart with hope that we can come together like this and pray. It’s just about prayer, it’s not about anything else.”This is a controversial position so let us remember that Prophet Muhammad said, that the best of people are those with the best manners. If you wish to say something, please remember the Prophet’s own words and express yourself with respect. Peace :)

Posted by Implausibleblog.com on Sunday, 8 March 2015

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