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This page lists various texts, from commentary   to prose that have inspired individuals Islamic deen so much that they wanted   to share it with you.

You too can share your own inspirational Islamic images, links, text and videos. Simply email us the content or links to admin@inclusivemosqueinitiative.org and we’ll check the content and try to upload it to these pages as soon as possible. If the content is not your own, please indicate the source of the copyright otherwise we will not be able to include it.


European Muslim Cultures by Martin Hasani
In 21st century Britain people are all too comfortable with Muslims as part of the “other” communities,  neatly compartmentalised into the non-white immigrant populations, with cultures   that seem far removed from what is considered as European. Muslim communities   are happy to be part of BME (Black and Minority Ethnic Group) organisations.  Most feel there is a dialogue to be had within themselves between their Muslim   and their European or British identities. Reverts to Islam present both non-Muslims   and Muslims with a particular crisis of identity, often losing their perceived “whiteness” in the eyes of both born and raised Muslim as well as non-Muslims… Read on

Kahf, M., 2006. Little Mosque Poems, online from http://baithak.blogspot.co.uk/2006/09/little-mosque-poems-mohja-kahf.html

In my little mosque
there is no room for me
to pray. I am
turned away faithfully
times a day


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