Research participation requests to Inclusive Mosque Initiative

For media and events enquiries, please contact us via Facebook, the IMI phone or email, not this form!

Researchers: Please note that the Inclusive Mosque Initiative receives many enquiries from researchers and is not always able to respond to them all individually. If you are interested in conducting research of any kind with or on IMI (Board, volunteers, events or members) we advise you to first make contact, best done by responding to each of the 8 questions below and email them to admin[at]

If we feel we can accommodate your request, we will contact you directly. For fieldwork enquiries (MA, PhD candidates and other post-grad projects) we have a formal research approval process which you will need to go through before IMI can allow access for extended fieldwork. This is because we work hard to create and maintain IMI events as truly safe, inclusive spaces and facilitating every research request is not feasible at this stage in our growth. Finally, please note that unfortunately we are unlikely to facilitate quantitative studies as we have our own methods of documenting these internally.

1) Full name:
2) E-mail:
3) Contact Number (including country code):
4) Summary of research proposal (no more than 500 words please!):
5) Summary of duration, methodology and type of access requested:
6) When do you hope to start utilising IMI’s contacts?
7) What other sites, groups or organizations have been approached for this research?
8) Institution/affiliation:
8b) Main supervisor/s (if appropriate):
9) Potential/predicted outputs (if appropriate):
10) Researchers interest in IMI:

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