Media requests to Inclusive Mosque Initiative

Inclusive Mosque Initiative receives a large number of requests for information and interviews from the press, TV, radio and other media outlets. Before contacting us directly with your request, please read the following:

– Inclusive Mosque Initiative is an under-resourced voluntary-run organisation with limited capacity to respond to all requests. Please ensure that you have looked at our website and social media activities before contacting us.

– Inclusive Mosque Initiative is not an organisation that believes all publicity is good publicity – indeed there are a number of factors that we consider before responding to media requests or researchers including:

  1. the security of our organisation, its staff, volunteers and stakeholders which must be protected at all times and
  1. the sensationalist nature in which the complex issues that Inclusive Mosque Initiative works on tend to be portrayed in all parts of the media.

Please answer the following questions:

1) Why do you want to write an article/make a programme on Muslims?

1b) Do you have any specific angle/points you want to make and why?

2) How can such coverage benefit Inclusive Mosque Initiative and our stakeholders?

3) Which other organisations or people have you approached in relation to this interview/programme/research and why?

3b) Please list those with whom you’ve confirmed in this endeavour?

4) What is the time-frame in which you require a response?

NB: Please note that if Inclusive Mosque Initiative does agree to speak to a media representative we will expect to see the final output before it is aired/published to approve that it is a fair and accurate representation of what we have said. We would always request a written guarantee to this effect; if you are unable to provide such a document, it is very unlikely we would agree to participate.

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