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| Majlis As-Shura |

Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, Allah will reward that person with a place in Paradise.” (Hadith Al-Bukhari)

Masjid As-Subul is the ‘site’ for the London-UK mosque, part of the Inclusive Mosque initiative. A permanent location is hoped to be established once we have enough funds.

Majlis-As-Shura is the committee that manage the running of programmes and activities for the jamaat (congregational members). Amongst other things this includes, jummah (congregational prayers), talks, socials such as at festivals including Eid, dhikr (devotional recitation), Qur’an discussions and much, much more.

IMI Mosque Etiquette.pdf

We are holding regular fortnightly jummah on Fridays at about 12:30pm on 12th February, 18 &25 March, 8th & 22nd April, 6th & 20th May, 3rd & 17th June, 1st & 29th July, 12 & 26th August, 2nd September, 7th & 21st October and 4th & 18th November.

Eid-ul-Fitr date:- Wednesday 6 July 2016, 10am-12pm with the consensus (ijma) of Islamic Centres and Mosques in London.
Eid-ul-Adha:- Tuesday 13 September 2016, 10am-12pm depending on the consensus (ijma) of local mosques, so the date may change.

As with all IMI events, Muslims of all denominations are welcome to pray with us, and peoples of all faiths and none. Children, toddlers and babies are also welcome and have free reign to climb on adults during prayer. You can stand or sit wherever you feel comfortable.

The venue has toilet facilities and is wheelchair accessible.


Venue: Oxford House Bethnal Green, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6HG, UK.

Here’s a link to some resources on salah-prayer.

If you intend to attend, please let us know as we have limited space and so we can cater for refreshments appropriately.


To find out more about Masjid As-Subul and its activites, please join the mailing list for regular updates / check our events page / twitter updates / facebook updates.

Regular Monthly Donations Click below to donate to Inclusive Mosque Initaitive regularly. You will be investing in raising funds for local and permanent masjids that will be ‘Community Hubs’ for Muslims and locals, reflecting our ethos of inclusion and community engagement, particularly for the needy.

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