We are often contacted by Muslims from all over the world who want to establish their own Inclusive Mosques.  We encourage those who have a core group of committed, skilled and supportive people around them to set up their own inclusive spaces.

These spaces must reflect IMI’s key inclusive priorities:

  • Physical accessibility for everyone including wheelchair users.
  • The view that women are equal to men and are deserving of equal space, access and authority.
  • The view that diverse Islamic practices are a strength.
  • The acknowledgement and celebration of a variety of family structures.
  • The acknowledgement and inclusion of multiple, non-binary genders.
  • The acknowledgement and inclusion of multiple, non binary sexualities. 

It is hoped that each IMI branch will have a permanent site once we have enough funds. Until then, our various mosque branches hire, share and rent spaces. We currently have IMI branches in the UK, Malaysia and Pakistan.

Each IMI branch has a mosque committee that manage the running of programmes and activities in a particular location. These activities will usually include Friday prayers (jummah), talks, social events, Eid prayers and parties, dhikr (devotional recitation), discussions on the Qur’an and much, much more.

Practising our inclusive principles, particularly those relating to physical accessibility can be expensive.  Regular Monthly Donations help us plan events and make them accessible for a wider variety of people. 

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