Tree of Life

Tree of Life workshop
Date: Saturday, 31 October
9:30am – 3pm
‘The Field’, 385 Queens Road, London, SE14 5HD. Nearest public transport is New Cross Gate station.
Tickets: Free, but please register

The Tree of Life is a creative and unique workshop that uses the metaphor of the tree to collectively explore our lives as Muslims. Through writing, drawing, and talking together the workshop will explore themes such as: What are the roots or our Muslim identity; our cultural, familial, emotional, and theoretical roots? What are the challenges we face together living our lives as Muslims? How to we support each other to face the attacks on Muslims in our current cultural contexts? The tree of Muslim life focuses on our strengths and skills and how we keep growing strong in our identity as Muslims. This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as Muslim, religiously or culturally. We welcome, atheists, ex-Muslims, and religious Muslims to take part.

The concept of the workshop comes from a Narrative Therapy approach designed by Ncazelo Ncube and David Denborough as a creative and accessible way to work with children in South Africa. It has now been used for a variety of groups and in a variety of ways.

This workshop is facilitated by Dzifa Afonu a Trainee Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in-group work, and creative approaches to collective processes. She has over 10 years of experience in facilitating creative groups for a range of audiences. She has a passion for encouraging spaces for collective action and ways that we can support each other as communities. This event explicitly welcomes those with disabilities to attend if you have any access needs or any questions about the event please contact the workshop facilitator Dzifa Afonu:


As we are an entirely voluntary run and funded organisation, a donation in advance or on the day of only £5 helps towards us organisaing events like this and securing our own mosque space eventually, if you can donate more than that would also be most welcomed. Please register your attendance below:


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